Service Provider Registration

Complete your StateRAMP membership and register your company to gain access to the Member Portal and become eligible to list your products on the Authorized Product List or submit your product to the StateRAMP PMO for review!

The individual who completes this registration form will be the administrator for your account and StateRAMP’s first point of contact for your organization. If you are not your organization’s Primary Point of Contact for StateRAMP, please send this registration page URL to your organization’s preferred Point of Contact so they can register instead.

You will also be asked to provide contact info for a secondary point of contact at your organization. 

The StateRAMP membership fee is a single payment per organization. Please verify that no one else in your organization has already paid and registered. If you are unsure of your organization’s status or if you would like to be added to your organization’s member account, please email

Subscriber Terms and Conditions

*Price includes $500 membership fee + processing.