StateRAMP puts cybersecurity first.

StateRAMP puts cybersecurity first.

Our mission is to promote cybersecurity best practices through education, advocacy, and policy development to support our members and improve the cyber posture of state and local governments and the citizens they serve.

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StateRAMP Partners


State & Local Government

With StateRAMP, Procurement Officials, Privacy Officers, and Information Security Officers can be confident that SLED-selected third party cloud providers and vendors meet and maintain published cybersecurity policies.

Service Providers

Advanced verification of cybersecurity framework compliance, StateRAMP offers transferable verifications, providing secure cloud service providers the ability to grow their government business at scale.

Assessment Organizations

StateRAMP formalizes processes that allow third party assessment organizations to provide assurance that state and local government procured 3rd party solutions meet published cybersecurity policies.

The Threat at Home

State and local governments are now a top target for cyber criminals.

These days, bad actors are exploiting the unsecure third party IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS solutions provided by vendors with whom governments do business. Not only are ransomware and other malware attacks exposing confidential citizen data, but the fallout of these cyber-attacks is costing governments billions of dollars in damages.

StateRAMP is committed to combatting these exploits through education, advocacy, and policy development driven by industry best practices and the needs of our members.

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