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Rev. 5 Updates – StateRAMP Office Hours – 1/17/2024

StateRAMP staff discusses the NIST 800-53 Rev 5 updates. This special Office Hours was an open forum for Service Providers, 3PAOs, State and local governments, and higher education institutions to ask questions to StateRAMP staff.

Download a copy of the presentation (pdf).

A Conversation on Cybersecurity and Managing 3rd Party Risk Webinar

This panel discussion explores the landscape of cybersecurity and third-party risk management. Participants engage in a conversation about the transformation of cybersecurity practices over recent years, the unique challenges faced by government agencies and providers alike, and the ways StateRAMP aligns with government strategies to enhance cybersecurity measures.

Nextgov/FCW and Route Fifty’s Cyber Defenders Part 2 Workshop

Watch the insightful presentation by StateRAMP’s Executive Director, Leah McGrath, from NextGov/FCW and Route Fifty’s Cyber Defenders Workshop. In this recorded webinar, Leah explored the essential subject of third-party risks, offering valuable perspectives on how StateRAMP can help and what’s ahead for the organization.

Understanding StateRAMP’s Rev 5 Baseline Controls

Explore the latest updates to the StateRAMP Baseline Controls, incorporating NIST 800-53 Rev. 5.  Learn how StateRAMP will align with the most current and comprehensive security guidelines for cloud cybersecurity. Gain insights into the public input process for implementing Rev. 5 and the timing of new requirements. 

Exploring TX-RAMP & StateRAMP for Providers

Discover the latest advancements in the TX-RAMP program, including the announcement that enrolling in the StateRAMP Progressing Snapshot program satisfies TX-RAMP Provisional status effortlessly. Gain valuable insights into the key parallels and distinctions between TX-RAMP and StateRAMP, paving the way for your journey towards StateRAMP certification to meet TX-RAMP’s requirements.

Best Practices for Implementing StateRAMP

Join StateRAMP Executive Director Leah McGrath, PMO Learn more about the Center for Digital Government’s updated Best Practices Guide for Cloud Procurement and hear from the State of Colorado on their implementation of StateRAMP.

Getting Started with StateRAMP: From Security Snapshot to Authorized

Join StateRAMP Executive Director Leah McGrath, PMO Director Noah Brown, and Membership Engagement Manager Jordan Hickam to learn more about why StateRAMP was founded and how it can help manage risk and verify cloud security for state and local governments and the suppliers who serve them.

StateRAMP Security Snapshot Webinar

Join StateRAMP Executive Director Leah McGrath, PMO Director Noah Brown, and Government Engagement Director Rebecca Kee as they introduce StateRAMP’s new Security Snapshot!

An Update on TX-RAMP and StateRAMP

Join StateRAMP and TX-RAMP Leaders as they discuss how StateRAMP satisfies TX-RAMP requirements and what’s ahead for both organizations.

FedRAMP Summit 2022

Leah McGrath, StateRAMP Executive Director, and John Lee, Vice President, Cloud Solutions at Carahsoft, discuss how Congress is on a path to make FedRAMP into law. If that effort is successful, what changes? If the effort doesn’t succeed, where will that leave things?

Introduction to StateRAMP

Join StateRAMP’s Executive Director, Leah McGrath and Implementations Consultant, Rebecca Kee, to discuss how StateRAMP works to trust but verify cloud security for state and local governments, how to get involved with StateRAMP, how to list a product on the Authorized Product List, and how to work with the StateRAMP PMO.


2022 Update & Panel Discussion

It has been a year since StateRAMP launched with a mission to promote best practices for supplier cloud security for state and local governments and strengthen the cybersecurity at all levels. During this webinar we will review the year, discuss what’s ahead, and hear from state leaders on the benefits of leveraging StateRAMP to manage supplier cyber risk.

Dan Lohrmann Interview

Hear cybersecurity leader Dan Lohrmann speak about his new book Cyber Mayday and the Day After: A Leader’s Guide to Preparing, Managing, and Recovering from Inevitable Business Disruptions. Lohrmann’s expertise is valued as a founding Steering Committee member of StateRAMP and the current Chair of the StateRAMP Standards and Technical Committee.

StateRAMP Board Member Roundtable

StateRAMP Executive Director, Leah McGrath, and Founding Board Members J.R. Sloan, CIO for the State of Arizona; Joe Bielawski, President of Knowledge Services; and Ted Cotterill, Chief Privacy Officer for the State of Indiana discuss why StateRAMP was founded and insights into how StateRAMP helps state and local governments manage risk from third party cloud solutions.

State of Arizona Briefing

StateRAMP staff sit down with some of Arizona’s Security, Privacy, and Procurement team members to discuss how Arizona is incorporating StateRAMP and cloud-smart strategies into their State cybersecurity initiatives.

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