Membership Tiers

StateRAMP is excited to provide updates to our Sevice Provider and 3PAO membership structures in 2024 to support our ongoing commitment to excellence in the realm of cybersecurity.

Tiered Dues With Tiered Benefits

We are thrilled to announce the implementation of a tiered membership system, along with an increase in dues. This update will empower our members with even more benefits and support that they can rely on and trust.

Service Providers can now choose from four tiers of new membership dues, beginning at $1,500 per year.

New in 2024, 3PAOs will also be invited to join as members, with annual dues beginning at $2,500 annually.

Membership Tiers for Providers and 3PAOs

Basic Membership for Providers – $1,500 (Reduced fees for small businesses)

Membership Benefits have grown each year and include:

  • Standardized approach to cloud security for government
  • Guided path to improving security outcomes through StateRAMP Security Snapshot Program
  • Public product profile on the Authorized Product List (as relevant)
  • Transferrable credentials
  • Harmonization of cloud standards impacting SLED
  • Community of expert public & private sector leaders
  • StateRAMP Committee eligibility
  • Access to the complete Member Directory
  • Latest newsletters and publications
  • Webinars
  • Opportunities to provide feedback on policies and documentation
  • Practical resources for best practices
  • Opportunity to designate one representative for the Provider Leadership Council (PLC)
  • Access to RAMPxchange (Additional fees may apply)
  • One (1) Member Rate for Annual Summit

Prime Membership for Providers & 3PAOs – $2,500 (Reduced fees for small businesses)

Includes Basic Membership benefits and:

  • Two (2) Member Rates for Annual Summit
  • Access to RAMPxchange (No additional fees)
  • Bi-Annual Call with StateRAMP Executive Staff

Premier Membership Available for Providers & 3PAOs – $10,000 (Limited to 25 Memberships Annually)

Includes Prime Membership benefits and:

  • Four (4) Member Rates for Annual Summit
  • Social Media Spotlight / Blog Panelist Feature
  • Invitation to Special Roundtable Available for Government Members and Premier and Champion-level Provider Members
  • Receive First-Right-of-Refusal for Event Sponsorships
  • Special Listing on Website

Champion Membership Available for Providers & 3PAOs – $50,000 (Limited to 5 Annually)

The Champion-level memberships are reserved for those organizations committed to elevating the educational experience for our members. Champion Memberships require Board approval.

Includes Premier Membership Benefits and:

  • Six (6) Member Rates for Annual Summit
  • Guest Speaker, as part of a Bi-Annual Virtual Education Series
  • 1:1 Monthly Call with StateRAMP’s Executive Director

Renewal Deadline Changes

In line with these updates, we are also adjusting the renewal deadline for all members to June 1, regardless of their initial join date. To facilitate a smooth transition to the new dues and our updated annual renewal date, we will provide a comprehensive transition plan. This streamlined renewal process will not only enhance efficiency but also offer a more consistent and seamless experience for all our valued members.

Why Update Membership Dues?

When we initially established our membership dues in 2020, leadership did so with the information available at the time. After being in operation for a few years, we have better understood the market and what is required for StateRAMP. This understanding helps ensure that the non-profit can continue to grow, move forward, and successfully fulfill its mission. Additionally, it ensures the level of service offered to all participating members, both providers and government, meets the expectations set by our current members at StateRAMP.

Further, we believe it’s important to provide additional benefits given this increase in cost. As part of this increase, there will be new member benefits offered at each tier, including additional education, support, and access to our StateRAMP events throughout the year, featuring the inaugural in-person StateRAMP Cyber Summit with presenting sponsor Carahsoft that will be held September 12, 2024 in Indianapolis.

Join Us for a Call

To ensure that you have a complete understanding of these changes and to address any questions or concerns you may have, StateRAMP held special calls with our executive director to review membership dues changes and updates to the security programs to align with NIST 800-53 Rev. 5. 

Thank you to the Providers and 3PAOs who joined us in January to review these changes. 

To request a copy of the presentation, please email

Small Business Commitment

We are pleased to offer reduced dues for small businesses, ensuring that all businesses can access the value StateRAMP offers. Small businesses that meet our requirements will not experience any changes in their dues amount.

  • For businesses with annual revenue of less than $1,000,000 annual dues will remain at $500.
  • For businesses with annual revenue between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000 annual dues will be $1,000.

Do you qualify for a small business rate? Contact our Membership Engagement Team.

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