Celebrating Procurement Month: Elevating Cybersecurity through Strategic Partnerships

by Taylor Webster

March marks National Procurement Month—a time dedicated to recognizing the pivotal role that procurement professionals play in government operations. At StateRAMP, we are proud to join in this celebration and bring awareness to the critical intersection of procurement and cybersecurity. 

The Importance of Strategic Procurement in Cybersecurity 

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is no longer an optional layer of protection but a fundamental necessity. Government agencies and organizations must navigate a complex landscape of evolving threats, stringent compliance requirements, and a growing reliance on technology. At the heart of this challenge lies procurement—a strategic lever that can either bolster or compromise an entity’s cybersecurity posture. 

Jessica Van Eerde, StateRAMP’s Chief of Operations stated, “As a former procurement professional, I understand the incredible challenges procurement departments face in trying to balance the needs of their organization and the laws and regulations by which they are bound. This only gets more complicated in the realm of cybersecurity, where one misstep can have profound consequences, not just for the organization but for its citizens. Working together with NASPO, as well as many amazing procurement professionals working tirelessly to address this issue, has given me confidence that leveraging StateRAMP is one way to make the entire procurement process easier for everyone involved!” 

  • StateRAMP’s Commitment to Cybersecurity Excellence:
    At StateRAMP, our mission is clear: to raise the bar for cybersecurity standards across the public sector. We understand that the procurement process plays a crucial role in this mission, shaping the security landscape of government agencies nationwide. 
  • The NASPO/StateRAMP Task Force:
    In our pursuit of strengthening cybersecurity through procurement, StateRAMP has forged a strategic partnership with the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO). Together, we have established the NASPO/StateRAMP Task Force—a collaborative effort aimed at developing best practice templates, resources, and standards for cybersecurity in procurement. 

Driving Innovation and Best Practices 

The NASPO/StateRAMP Task Force brings together a diverse group of procurement professionals, cybersecurity experts, government officials, and industry leaders. Through this partnership, we are driving innovation, sharing insights, and developing actionable strategies to enhance cybersecurity resilience in government procurement processes. 

Fay Tan, NASPO’s Deputy Chief Legal Officer added, “A practical understanding of cybersecurity standards and principles by today’s procurement specialists is quickly becoming a critical component of our profession’s body of knowledge. Collaborating with cybersecurity experts through efforts like the NASPO/StateRAMP task force gives procurement a voice in shaping these standards and establishing guidance for their implementation throughout state government.” 

  • Developing Best Practices Guides:
    One of the Task Force’s key initiatives is creating comprehensive best practices guides for procurement professionals. These guides cover a range of topics, from vendor assessments and contract clauses to leveraging StateRAMP certification for enhanced security.
  • Educational Webinars and Workshops:
    The Task Force regularly hosts educational webinars and workshops, providing procurement professionals with valuable insights and tools to navigate the cybersecurity landscape. These sessions delve into topics like risk management, compliance frameworks, and procurement in cybersecurity governance. 

Celebrating Procurement Excellence 

As we celebrate Procurement Month, we recognize the dedication and expertise of procurement professionals across the country. Their tireless efforts ensure transparency, fairness, and efficiency in government transactions—essential elements for a thriving democracy. 

  • Spotlight on Cybersecurity Champions:
    StateRAMP and the NASPO/StateRAMP Task Force are proud to shine a spotlight on the cybersecurity champions within the procurement community. These individuals are at the forefront of integrating cybersecurity into procurement processes, safeguarding sensitive data and critical systems.
  • Amplifying Procurement Month Awareness:
    Through our collaborative efforts, StateRAMP and the Task Force are amplifying awareness of Procurement Month. We invite procurement professionals, government officials, and cybersecurity enthusiasts to join us in recognizing the vital role of procurement in securing our digital future. 

Join Us in the Conversation 

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, strategic procurement emerges as a powerful tool in our arsenal. StateRAMP and the NASPO/StateRAMP Task Force invite you to join us in this important conversation. 

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This Procurement Month let’s celebrate the unsung heroes of procurement and their invaluable contributions to cybersecurity excellence. Together, we can shape a more secure and resilient future for government agencies and organizations nationwide. 

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