Register for 3PAO Membership

Explore StateRAMP’s membership options tailored specifically to Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs). While you can still maintain your status as a StateRAMP 3PAO, engaging in the full spectrum of membership benefits—including active participation in committees—will now require membership. Join our community to enhance your visibility, develop collaborative partnerships, and access exclusive resources tailored to elevate your influence in cybersecurity.


Basic Membership benefits, plus:

  • Two (2) Member Rates for Annual Summit
  • Access to RAMPxchange (No additional fees)
  • Bi-Annual Call with StateRAMP Executive Staff
  •  $2,500 annual dues


Basic and Prime Membership benefits, plus:

  • Four (4) Member Rates for Annual Summit
  • Social Media Spotlight / Blog Panelist Feature
  • Invitation to Special Roundtable Available for Government Members and Premier and Champion-level Provider Members
  • Receive First-Right-of-Refusal for Event Sponsorships
  • Special Listing on Website
  • Limited to 25 active memberships
  • $10,000 annual dues


Basic, Prime, and Premier Membership benefits, plus:

  • Six (6) Member Rates for Annual Summit
  • Guest Speaker, as part of a Bi-Annual Virtual Education Series
  • 1:1 Monthly Call with StateRAMP Executive Director
  • Limited to five active memberships
Prime 3PAO Membership
$2,574.97 for access until June 1, 2025
$10,298.97 for access until June 1, 2025
3PAO Champion Membership
$50,000 for access until June 1, 2025