Member Spotlight: Socure

Why did your organization decide to become a StateRAMP member?

The public sector needs secure, safe, and effective digital identity verification. We became a StateRAMP member because achieving the StateRAMP Authorization is critical to Socure’s mission. Our mission is to verify 100% of good identities in real-time and completely eliminate identity fraud on the internet. StateRAMP Authorization allows faster onboarding of our solution by state agencies. By making our identity verification platform easier to adopt, we can help public sector help constituents get access to benefits sooner while significantly reducing fraud.

What advice do you have for other providers going through the StateRAMP process?

We advise going through StateRAMP and FedRAMP simultaneously, because StateRAMP was designed to leverage FedRAMP documentation making the StateRAMP process very efficient. It’s important to have an advisor who has expertise in drafting compliant documentation and can help the process move faster. Finally, we recommend coordination with your state sponsor as early and as often as possible so they understand your system and they are truly a partner as you go through the process.

How has StateRAMP benefited your organization so far?

StateRAMP has helped focus our team on achieving the cybersecurity and compliance standards necessary to work with states and serve their constituents. Our association and membership with StateRAMP has helped us understand the unique challenges faced by state agencies and we are now better equipped to work with state governments.

What cybersecurity-related events, conferences, or webinars do you recommend for industry professionals?

We recommend attending NASCIO Annual and Midyear conferences to get a better read on where the cybersecurity industry is going for state governments. In addition, StateScoop hosts an annual cybersecurity event and a Zero Trust Summit. Government Technology also hosts great Cybersecurity Summits for individual states periodically.



Socure is the leading provider of digital identity verification and fraud solutions. Its AI and predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with trusted online and offline data intelligence to verify identities in real-time. The company has more than 2,000 customers across the financial services, government, gaming, healthcare, telecom, and e-commerce industries, including four of the five top banks, the top credit bureau and more than 400 fintechs. Organizations including Chime, SoFi, Robinhood, Gusto, Public, Poshmark, Stash, DraftKings, and the State of California trust Socure for accurate and inclusive identity verification and fraud prevention. Learn more at