Member Spotlight: Mark43

Why did your organization become a StateRAMP member?

Mark43’s core mission is to support and enhance public safety through technology. Joining StateRAMP aligns perfectly with our mission as it underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and integrity, which is paramount to public safety.

As our services often handle sensitive and critical information, we need our clients and partners to trust our systems’ security.

By complying with StateRAMP’s security standards, we ensure our products meet the rigorous requirements expected of government entities. This standardization streamlines the procurement process for state and local governments, making it easier to adopt our solutions.

Mark43’s membership in StateRAMP is a strategic decision that reinforces our commitment to security, aligns with our mission of serving public safety agencies, and enables us to meet the evolving needs of state and local governments more effectively.

How has StateRAMP benefited your organization so far?

By achieving StateRAMP Authorization, Mark43 has bolstered its reputation as a trustworthy and secure provider of public safety solutions. This has helped reinforce confidence among existing clients and attract new ones, particularly within state and local governments.

The process of achieving StateRAMP Authorization has shown our potential customers that we have rigorous security standards and implemented the required cybersecurity measures. This enhanced security posture not only benefits our government clients but also extends to the overall protection of our systems and data.

Overall, compliance with StateRAMP standards has opened new market opportunities within the state and local government sectors that are required to utilize a StateRAMP Authorized Cloud Service Provider, like Mark43.

How can other members or organizations collaborate with your company on cybersecurity projects?

Mark43 is excited to work with other StateRAMP member organizations to help accelerate the adoption of cloud services in public safety and law enforcement. As the only public safety cloud-native solution with StateRAMP High Impact Level Authorization we encourage public safety and law enforcement organizations to collaborate with us to ensure they meet their state’s StateRAMP requirements. We can help other organizations understand their state’s requirements and answer questions such as “How can I trust that my current technology provider will keep my sensitive data secure?” and “How will I know if my current provider is meeting our states’ security requirements?” To learn more about how to collaborate with us on StateRAMP and other cybersecurity projects, reach out to us at


Mark43 is the leading cloud-native public safety technology company. By delivering a modern, intuitive and mobile-first Records Management System, Computer-Aided Dispatch and Analytics platform, Mark43 empowers governments and their communities to improve the safety and quality of life for all. Working with more than 200 local, state and federal public safety agencies, Mark43 is transforming how first responders use technology to respond, engage and serve the community. Mark43 provides the tools, resources, expertise, and security foundation that public safety needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.