Member Spotlight: Innovative Driven

Why did your organization become a StateRAMP member?

We saw the opportunity to leverage our extensive experience supporting federal agencies in the FedRAMP market and use that knowledge to assist state agencies in developing their custom eDiscovery programs. As a provider of eDiscovery and data management services, our organization can further support state agencies as their data-related needs grow in scale and complexity. In this way, our organization positions ourselves as leaders in government and state-related data management, in addition to providing “on the ground” IT and project management support for these agencies.

How can other members or organizations collaborate with your company on cybersecurity projects?

We have ongoing and growing partnerships concerning our FedRAMP and StateRAMP offerings that enable us to enrich our data privacy and cybersecurity expertise. For example, we have partnered with Hispanic Veteran and Service-Disabled-Owned companies for various cyber/eDiscovery opportunities. We are able to tackle cyber-related projects more effectively when we include a variety of perspectives and people.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the StateRAMP community or the broader cybersecurity community?

As a provider with vast experience and clients across the commercial and federal space, we recognize that threats also happen from inside your organization. Protecting state data and keeping it safe from external and internal threats is critical to your planning, especially as cyber incidents continue to increase exponentially.

Innovative Driven

Innovative Driven is an extraordinary team of industry leaders who deliver solutions to drive your success. They provide value with a consultative approach to choosing the right technology, process, and people to manage data complexities. From creation to deletion, you’ll be confident that your data is understood, secure, and working in your favor.