Member Spotlight: Extreme Networks

Why did your organization become a StateRAMP member?

By joining StateRAMP, Extreme Networks underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering secure, flexible, government-grade solutions to our customers. Our membership demonstrates our dedication to security, extending far beyond the public sector, and our ability to meet the stringent security requirements of government entities. Our longstanding goal has always been to provide secure solutions that enhance the user experience for our customers, and this membership, along with subsequent StateRAMP validation, empowers us to prove that commitment.

How has StateRAMP benefited your organization so far?

As we progress with StateRAMP, our customers can trust that our solutions will help bolster both network security and risk management efforts. Our membership demonstrates our active dedication to identifying and minimizing security risks as well as helping our customers safeguard their data, even beyond state and local governments. Already, we have expanded conversations with stakeholders who are considering the implementation of StateRAMP-certified solutions and the accompanying NIST 800-53 security baseline.

How can other members or organizations collaborate with your company on cybersecurity projects?

A solid cybersecurity strategy starts with the network, the foundation of all digital initiatives. Therefore, it should be the first thing addressed when creating your cybersecurity strategy. As a networking provider, Extreme Networks works with multiple ecosystem partners to provide flexible, secure integrations and streamline customers’ adoption of technology while maintaining network security.

Extreme Network’s solution portfolio, from network fabric for hyper-segmentation to cloud management for improved visibility, forms the backbone of a robust cybersecurity and risk management strategy. We also recently launched ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA, the first network security offering to integrate network, application, and device access security within a single solution, helping IT teams establish and maintain a consistent security policy across the network and enforce a zero-trust policy for all devices and users connecting to the network. Organizations are more distributed than ever before, which poses challenges for IT departments defending against an advanced cyber threat landscape. With Universal ZTNA from Extreme Networks, organizations have an easy-to-manage access layer that spans anywhere users connect to the network, enabling secure, cost-efficient operations and better support for IoT devices.

Extreme Networks

Extreme makes networking simple, flexible and scalable. We focus on making your network a strategic asset to power new services, ensure business continuity and accelerate innovation. Whether it’s powering the classroom of the future, improving patient care across hospitals or powering citizen services across Smart Cities – the network has never been more critical to success, and we help customers find new ways to leverage the network to drive better outcomes.