StateRAMP Nominated for CyberScoop 50 Awards

by Liz Huston

StateRAMP, a public-private nonprofit partnership devoted to promoting cybersecurity best practices through education and policy development, is honored to be nominated as Innovation of the Year by the CyberScoop 50 Awards. This prestigious award recognizes the accomplishments of cybersecurity leaders and organizations as they seek to protect vital networks, private information, and critical infrastructure. 

The Innovation of the Year category spotlights the success of new approaches to improve cybersecurity among government, private business, and for citizens from every walk of life. After officially launching in January 2021, StateRAMP has seen immediate momentum from State and Local governments, the cloud-based tech providers who serve them, and leading cybersecurity experts.  

“The progress StateRAMP has made since its founding is truly remarkable,” says StateRAMP founding member and Past President Joe Bielawski. “Each day, StateRAMP helps governments, business leaders, and citizens across the nation navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with verified solutions from a trusted partner. I’m immensely proud of the work StateRAMP’s leadership team has accomplished and I look forward to new success for StateRAMP in the years ahead.” 

Since its inception, StateRAMP has built powerful bonds with public and private sector innovators to create a standardized approach to cybersecurity. With 95 products having completed full assessment and listed on StateRAMP’s Authorized Products List and more than 100 Provider Members, StateRAMP is making ongoing cybersecurity more understandable and achievable for governments, tech providers, and the public at large. StateRAMP has become an established industry leader in public-private sector partnerships, with numerous participating governments supporting StateRAMP’s mission.

Show Your Support Today
Our entire team invites you to vote for StateRAMP as Innovation of the Year on CyberScoop ‘s official website. By voting, you’ll help promote StateRAMP’s mission of standardizing cybersecurity solutions to protect the American way of life.

StateRAMP Co-Founder Nominated for Industry Leadership
In addition, StateRAMP co-founder and President of Knowledge Services Joe Bielawski has been nominated for Industry Leadership by the CyberScoop 50 Awards. This category honors organizational leaders with a demonstrated ability to think creatively and solve big problems for the betterment of their community, according to CyberScoop. 

As a founding member of StateRAMP, Bielawski was instrumental in bringing together a Steering Committee of thought leaders to ensure long-term organizational success. Bielawski has extensive experience in government programs, in IT thought leadership, and most passionately, in serving people. His focus on service continues through his commitment to StateRAMP’s ongoing involvement to make the digital landscape a safer, more secure place.  StateRAMP would be honored to receive your support and invites you to vote for Bielawski in the Industry Leadership category.  

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