How StateRAMP Helps Providers Fulfill TX-RAMP Compliance

by Liz Huston
In June 2021, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a new cybersecurity law. The law and updated policies enacted by the Department of Information Resources (DIR) requires cloud vendors doing business with the State of Texas to be StateRAMP, FedRAMP, or TX-RAMP certified.

StateRAMP satisfies TX-RAMP requirements, with full reciprocity granted from TX-RAMP. If you are StateRAMP Ready or Authorized, you are automatically granted TX-RAMP certification. StateRAMP has a weekly automated sync, and every Friday afternoon, StateRAMP Authorized Products appear on the TX-RAMP list with ease. 

StateRAMP provides an efficient, reusable certification that applies in Texas and across our rapidly expanding list of participating governments

Get Started with StateRAMP Today

Joining StateRAMP puts cloud service providers on track to fulfill all current TX-RAMP security thresholds, enabling them to serve the people of Texas safely and securely. 

StateRAMP aims to help meet the clear need for a standardized approach to cybersecurity. Whether you’re a third-party assessor, government official, or cloud service provider, StateRAMP has the resources necessary to begin the process of authorization. Cloud service providers can apply now to join StateRAMP’s mission to bolster third-party cybersecurity standards for state and local governments.

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