Partners we Serve

StateRAMP™ Partners

StateRAMP™ was formed both in partnership with and to serve State and local governments, cloud service providers, and third-party assessment organizations (3PAOs).

Our combined efforts have paved the way for better defined government cyber standards which, ultimately, protect against cyber criminals and keep data safe.

State Governments

StateRAMP™ complements existing State cyber efforts by locking the back door from criminals attempting to hack third party cloud service providers. With StateRAMP™, States can rest assured knowing that all systems are secured, and the risk of a major data breach or malware attack is greatly reduced.

Cloud Service Providers

With focused, structured security requirements and processes, third party cloud service providers have a clear path to success. Understanding what security requirements exist and what needs to be done to achieve and maintain that certification significantly reduces the barriers to entry and provides businesses an opportunity to scale.

With StateRAMP™, cloud service providers can confidently bid on government projects knowing that they meet the security requirements set forth by procurement. By joining a network of other StateRAMP™ cloud service providers, vendors can grow their business through inter and intra state StateRAMP™ certification.

  • Transferable certificate/credentials
  • Fewer barriers of entry, opportunity to scale
  • Focused, structured security requirements
  • Level playing field for competition

Third Party Assessment Organizations

Building on the FedRAMP model, StateRAMP™ utilizes the growing list of over 30 recognized organizations qualified to conduct third party assessments of cloud service providers.