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StateRAMP PMO Charter

The PMO Charter defines the objectives, roles, and responsibilities associated with the StateRAMP Program Management Office (PMO).

StateRAMP Security Control Baselines Summary

This document provides a summary of NIST 800-53 Rev. 4 security controls required for verification, by Security Impact Level Category. This summary is the result of ongoing collaboration with State leaders and cybersecurity experts.

StateRAMP Security Assessment Framework

This document provides a summary of the objectives, goals, and governance approach of StateRAMP, along with an outlined methodology to verify cloud security.

StateRAMP Adopted Bylaws

This framework for bylaws was developed by the StateRAMP Steering Committee. As the Board of Directors is formed in late 2020, one of their first actions will be to adopt the bylaws for the organization.

StateRAMP Steering Committee Charter

The purpose of this charter is to define the objectives, membership, decision making, meeting schedule, and roles and responsibilities associated with the StateRAMP Steering Committee.

Appeals Committee Charter

The Appeals Committee serves as the adjudication board for the Program Management Office determinations.

StateRAMP Overview

This document provides information about the StateRAMP organization, how to become a member, the process for engaging the PMO to complete a security review, requirements for government sponsorship, and how to list products on the Authorized Product List.

StateRAMP Glossary

This document provides definitions of commonly used terms and abbreviations.

StateRAMP Provider Sponsor Requirements

This document outlines the process (including government sponsorship requirements) for a vendor’s offering to be listed as StateRAMP Authorized on StateRAMP’s Authorized Product List (APL).